delectably-voiced Kapur .... emphatic, commanding pipes and likeable, spirited personality... easily won over the crowd. "Sofie’s gorgeous, expressive singing is a revelation, combining a punk/new wave edginess and youthful vivaciousness with the command and confidence of a seasoned jazz vocalist... irresistible pipes continually soaring to stratospheric heights. ” - Mark Suppanz

The Big Takeover

Sofie Kapur … fiery lead vocalist.” - Dana Baardsen


… Sofie blows you away with her vocals.” - Robert Gluck

… mature refined captivating voice….” - Matty Diesel


Vocalist Sofie Kapur has one of the most soothing yet powerful voices that I have encountered….” - Sarah

WLURR FM Radio Music Review

… Kapur was belting into the microphone with a beautiful voice that suggested both vulnerability and attitude.”

— New York Press

Sofie’s unique vocal style is both powerful and sweet which is an interesting duality.” - Mayumi Okamoto

The Owl Mag

The lead vocals of singer Sofie Kapur stand out to reflect a confidence and enjoyment of singing.” - Claudine Paul


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